As a company grows the number of variables it must maintain when it comes to pricing, products, and/or services becomes exponential. The company must consider geographical location, the competition, the product or service, and changing prices. Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software allows companies to manage these variables and deliver the most optimal quote and price, as well as configurations for upsell and bundling opportunities.
CPQ technology is quickly being adopted by enterprise organizations that are losing money due to inadequate processes for selling and securing revenue.

Is CPQ Software for You?

While most companies benefit from the advantages of CPQ software, some companies would not survive without it. If your company has any of the following challenges, a CPQ solution may be right for you.

What JAUST Consulting Partners Offers

JAUST's experts have experience with integrating several different CPQ solutions - from Salesforce CPQ (formerly Steelbrick), Apptus, and Oracle Big Machines. Whether you just need consulting for which CPQ to choose or need help implementing your solution, our professionals are here to ensure your success.