The amount of mobile devices in the world will soon exceed the population of Earth itself. Touch-smartphones and tablets are the latest stage of mobility development in the popular use. People check their phones around 150 times a day and engage in gaming, news-reading, applications browsing for around 2 hours a day on average. The mobile revolution made a lot of web-projects optimize their web-site for mobile browsing and create engaging applications.

Significant increases in the ability of mobile apps have created a need for direction in companies hoping to utilize the properties of mobility. Guiding companies to help them find ways to build and manage useful processes using mobile apps is where JAUST Consulting Partners has differentiated itself.

As companies begin to struggle in their effort to innovate from within by utilizing mobile apps, JAUST has the capability to deliver a mobile transformation for any organization. Whether accomplishing this transformation comes through the development of a new mobile application, or implementing a well-tested enterprise application, JAUST is there with the expertise to guide and deliver that solution.


iOS developers in JAUST not only deliver successful products using the modern and glossy iOS interface, improved multi-tasking system and better security, but also have one of the largest community to support each other and share experience. As the cost of development and time to deliver for iOS projects is much lower, comparing with other mobile operating systems, iOS is attractive for developers, and the number and experience of iOS/Objective C developers at JAUST continuously grows.



Google released the first beta version of the Android SDK in November of 2007. Android framework is popular in JAUST as it can meet up with specific user’s requirements. JAUST developers use both C/C++ and Java to create stable Android applications and this attracts more skilled engineers that to work on the applications. That’s why JAUST has both large pool of Android developers and skilled Android gurus to get things done and done them right.