JAUST provides user experience (UX) consulting services for outsourcing clients. We design user experiences for native web, mobile and desktop solution, as well responsive design solutions that can scale across platforms and devices.

User Experience consulting is a holistic approach to making your solution intuitive, efficient and consistent across different platforms and devices. User experience consulting involves much more than designing interfaces for your solution. User experience consulting touches all aspects of your solution: navigation, user flow, information architecture and much more…



Mockups are basic wireframe sketches; they are the simplest type of UX deliverables. Mockups are usually used for simple, ‘rapid-development’ projects with a short functionality list or for big projects as a first step or demo version of UI work. Mockups are used as a rough visual guide for developers.


Wireframes are used for mid-sized and large projects as an in-depth visual guide for developers. Wireframes define the layout of UI elements and content on each screen of the final product. They are usually devoid of color, typographical styles and images. Wireframes are also known as schematics or blueprints. Wireframes are developed using a specification document or detailed list of project requirements.

GUI Prototypes

Prototyping is applied for startup companies and complicated projects. Prototyping provides a dynamic, visual & touch-guide and a ‘test solution’ for use by developers, business analysts and clients. Clickable prototypes are an interactive form of wireframes. Such prototypes are designed to simulate the final product by including elements such as functional links, menus, drop-down boxes, forms and other standard UI elements.